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Jules Corriere

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

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A Little Slice of Life

When I was young, I accompanied my dad and mom on archaeology digs. We found artifacts hidden deep in the earth, each one connected to a person from the past, each one with a fascinating story- or mystery- to be discovered. As I grew older, I began looking for the hidden artifacts found within living people- their stories, their triumphs and tragedies- and I worked to put voice to these important stories, so instead of being buried for centuries, we discover the greatness residing in the ordinary lives, now. These hidden treasures have been the basis for the fifty plays I have written, as well as the monthly radio show I write, which is now in its eight season. I am inspired so much by the human spirit and courage, and the way these stories serve to bring us all closer together in understanding.

Jules Corriere, MA is a playwright, screenwriter, radio show writer, and community builder. She earned her master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard. Jules specializes in Community Story Performance, a genre of theater which utilizes a community’s oral stories in performance as a way to promote greater understanding and develop relationships between people from diverse backgrounds. Over forty of her plays have been produced in the United States, England, Scotland, and Brazil. Her short screenplay, "Standing in Line," based on the story of an Auschwitz survivor, recently won the Paris Art and Movie Awards Summer Session in 2022, as well as seven other national and international film festivals.

Jules is the founder and director of the StoryTown Program at the McKinney Center in Jonesborough. This program includes a monthly radio show, which is performed live at the McKinney Center and broadcast on local NPR station 89.5 FM and on the StoryTown App, as well as a new, original play that is written, each year, based on real stories collected from local residents.

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Radio Show & Podcast

Biweekly Episodes on StoryTown Podcast

The monthly local NPR radio show I write is performed the fourth Monday of each month at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN, and is broadcast on the last Wednesday of each month at 8 PM on WETS 89.5 out of Johnson City, TN and streams online at the same time.

The show is also available on the StoryTown Podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts, and online at

This scripted, one-hour radio show is based on real-life stories from the people in the Southern Appalachian region, with an accent all its own. 

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"It Started Out True"

Jules Corriere

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Jonesborough, TN 37659, USA

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